Call this democracy: Tenant Council’s response

The Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations (SGTO) have written an open letter to the Council and set up a petition. You can sign it here: SGTO petition.

Here’s their letter to Southwark Council residents, explaining the background, and giving a bit more detail about the petition.



From: Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations
Date: 15th August 2018

Dear All,
Some of you will be aware that Southwark Council have set up a panel to:
* Review the coverage and operation of tenants and residents associations
* Review the role and operation of Area Housing Forums, Tenants Council, Homeowners Council
* Review the management and use of the Tenants and Homeowner Funds
* Review the management of TRA halls.
This panel will consist of:
* 1 representative from Tenants Council
* 1 representative from Homeowners Council
* 1 representative from TRAs (not involved in Tenants or Homeowners councils)
* 1 representative from the MySouthwark Homeowners Board
* 1 (tenant) representative from the Youth Council
* 5 x residents with little or no previous experience of formally participating in the involvement structure
* 1 x Officer from the Communities Division
* 1 x Officer from Resident Services
* 1 x Officer from Organisational Transformation


The Tenants Council have boycotted the review process as they believe Southwark Council have manipulated the outcome of the review and the panel will be easily lead by the Council. In the last group meeting attendees unanimously agreed that we should write an open letter Stephanie Cryan demanding Southwark Council suspend the Resident Involvement Review immediately until Southwark Council have:
* Involved T&RAs, Tenants Council, Homeowners Council and the SGTO in a proper decision-making process.
* Demonstrated they have listened to concerns raised by T&RAs, Tenants Council, Homeowners Council and the SGTO.
* Given T&RAs the tools to carry out their own reviews and strengthened existing structures.
* Worked with T&RAs to improve resident engagement in the Borough.
* Honoured their obligation to properly consult on issues affecting tenants and residents, most especially where they have a legal obligation to do so.
* Guaranteed a protection of T&RA halls so that residents can come together not only for the transaction of their business but to promote community involvement and social activities.


To support these demands add your signature here: SGTO petition
If you feel it would be helpful for you and your members to receive a training brief on this important issue I will arrange a session at the SGTO. Please let me know via email if this is something you/your groups would be interested in.


Thank you!
Campaigns and Research Officer
Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations
Campaigning for Housing Rights and Council Homes
Bells Gardens Community Centre,
19 Buller Close
London SE15 6UJ
Tel: 020 7639 6718/07932359410

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