Response to Corona 19

Dear Member

The global situation regarding COVID-19 is evolving quickly.  WE trust that all our members and families are safe and are taking as many precautions as we can in order to “flatten the curve,” reduce transmission of this virus, and protect our families.

At a time of great uncertainty, I’m inspired by the energy, resilience, and commitment of our members  As you know we have  postponed our face to face meeting and help clinics. But we are having Zoom meetings and clinics, keep a lookout for the dates.

While this pandemic has forced us into a challenging new reality, we will continue to share what we’re learning, forge new partnerships, and advocate for better policy.

We have obtained the following statement from Cllr Kieron Williams when he was the Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Modernisation he is now the Leader of the Council:

The Council has suspended all arrears and litigation action, including that for variable service charges, for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.  We have not issued any service charge arrears letters since 15th January, although we did write to all homeowners to remind them to set up payment plans in mid-March, before the impact of Covid-19 hit.  We have had a number of homeowners contact their Collections Officer since then to discuss their individual circumstances.  While we are encouraging people to pay something if possible, so that the debt does not build up, we are certainly not chasing the debt at present.

We have also updated the web-site with further information, and an e-form for homeowners to complete if they are being adversely affected by Covid-19, or the current restrictions on movement.  The page and form can be found here:

We would encourage all homeowners to contact us directly, either via the form or by phone to their Collections Officer, so that we can work with them on the management of their service charge account. We are aware that individual circumstances will differ, and there will be a number of homeowners who are unable to pay anything at present, while there are others who may only be able to make limited payments.  Our Collections Officers are reassuring our homeowners that no action will be taken against them in these exceptional circumstances, and we have received some very positive feedback from our customers in response.

 The MySouthwark Homeowners Service is still providing an advocacy service to any homeowner who has specific concerns about the communal service provision or their service charge, and the Council is still carrying out urgent, emergency and health and safety work, as well as a limited care and upkeep service, including daily cleaning of things like communal door handles, finger plates, lift buttons and handrails.  Further details on Covid19, the impact on services and support that the council is providing can be found on the website here:  There is a direct link on the landing page.’

Cllr Kieron Williams Leader of the Council:

Together we will get through this and continue to support each other .

 David Eyles


Leaseholders Association of Southwark.


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